Welcome Back!!!

10 Sep

Welcome to the first art club meeting of the 2017-18 school year! A busy year lies ahead of us but the WUHS artists are ready for anything and everything that comes their way.

  • Paint the Town
  • Visual Arts Classic
  • Other ideas

“It is not enough to be busy… The question is: what are we busy about?”

~Henry David ThoreauMAW Chosen


Painting Pumpkins!!!

19 Oct

Today we’re painting pumpkins with Best Buddies!

Here is the website for Hamilton Wood Type Museum. All of the questions for the artists we learned about will be needed at next week’s meeting for the review.mini_pumpkins

We also had a great discussion about our individual art styles that will help us develop our strengths for the VAC. See ya next week!

Meeting Recap

18 Oct

Here is the link to the Frank Lloyd Wright presentation. Don’t forget questions for him and David Lenz if you haven’t gotten them to me already.

Tomorrow we’ll learn about another artist.

Next week we’ll review the artists we’ve talked about and have a fun week! Think about what you want to do.

I know the “lessons” aren’t always the most fun, but in order to do well and have fun at the competition we have to stay committed and put in what we want to get out of art club.

The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. The chicken is involved; the pig is committed.
~Martina Navratilova

Meeting Recap

4 Oct

Click Here for the David Lenz presentation!! Don’t forget about the two questions for the Quiz Bowl! Just write down a question on a little sheet of paper that would quiz your club mates on the artist. Be specific! If you’re too general, it can be confused with other artists.

I think we all agreed on selling trick-or-treat bags that we can deliver during homeroom for extra costs that would cover other needed Halloween decorations. Remember to look for old decorations that you (and your parents) wouldn’t mind letting the school borrow and bring them to the next meeting 10/11.

Also, I only have one and a half of you down for the code and fee. Both can be found/turned in to Mrs. Dummer. Get that in as soon as possible. If it isn’t in by the competition, you will NOT be allowed to compete.

Thanks for another successful meeting! You guys are on your way to earning some brownies! ; ) See you next week to learn about Frank Lloyd Wright!!!

Meeting Recap

28 Sep

Click HERE for the presentation outlining the overview for the competition of VAC. (Visual Arts Classic)

Click HERE for the Art Club Syllabus which goes over everything we will cover and when.

Here is a typed up list of ideas for decorating the school.

Look around your house for any old Halloween decorations you (and your parents) wouldn’t mind letting the school borrow. Everything helps! Bring all you can find to the next meeting: Tuesday 10-4

Also keep in mind that our decorating window would be from Oct 28 (Friday after school) to October 30 (The Sunday before Halloween) As the time gets closer, we will discuss what works for the majority so decorating can get done quicker.

The idea of a Bake Sale was also tossed around for extra money for decorations. Think of a few dates that would work and we’ll discuss at the next meeting

Me and Mr. Korb will talk about Remind and I’ll shoot you all a text with the activation code so you can get updated about when the next meeting is, impromptu meetings, and other things (like decorating)

Thanks for all your attention today and I’ll see you all next week to talk about David Lenz!



Paint The Town!!

23 Sep

What a great day of paint the town. Excellent job to all the artists. MacKenzie, Sammay, Josephine, Katie, Maggie, Dani, and Mr. Korb (who supervised). You all have the Wolverine Spirit and Art Club Heart. Way to go artists!

Art Club Update

22 Sep

Just a reminder on the ideas for the windows: One side will be dedicated to local heroes in fictional heroes clothing (capes, etc). The other side will have “Art Club 2016” and a depiction of Wally trumping a Union Grove Bronco. (Don’t forget the “Incredibles”/ Waterford symbol on the shirt!) Please try to draw up at least one sketch for each side of the windows. I get it that some of us have work, so whatever you can do is great! Find me some time tomorrow to give me your sketches if you can’t make it to Paint The Town. Otherwise, bring them on Saturday. Also, Art Club meetings will now always be held Tuesdays after school in the commons until Mr. Korb is off from the cross country season. Thank you all for a successful first meeting!

Welcome to Art Club 2016-17!!!

16 Sep

Big things are planned this year for art club and with determination and commitment, we can achieve them. Our first priority is the window(s) for Paint The Town. This year’s Homecoming theme is “Heroes”, and we are facing the Union Grove Broncos (black, red, white). Art Club will meet independently while Mr. Korb is in the cross country season, but he will be present the day of painting and clean up. Start coming up with ideas for the windows; keep in mind the judging criteria. We will most likely hold brief meetings in the commons to touch base with everybody, and make sure everyone is on the same page. I’m looking forward to a great year!!!!

“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” ~Nikos Kazantzakis

Last Art Club of the Year! ;(

24 May

Click Here for intro video!

  • There are chips for you to enjoy so please eat them.
  • Have fun, but stay on task to finish painting your stools!
  • As stated in the video there will be materials to seal your stool paintings- just ask Maggie or Mr. Korb.
  • Thank you Sammy again! I know you are doing a great job!
  • I will miss you all so much and hopefully I will get to see you at the end of Art Club for a few minutes!
  • Thank you for a great year and you all better come back next year!

Art Club Wednesday!

27 Apr

Today we are going to be working on a number of projects.

We have to work on our Waterford Senior Living project to complete those and then we also need some people to paint hope rocks. The hope rocks are for bark for life and will replace luminaries around the walking area.

They do not need to be as detailed as this but creativity is strongly encouraged.

Goal: We need to work really hard today because these projects need to be done!